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501c 3 IRS Tax Exempt

The recognition of your organization as a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers numerous advantages and is necessary to help your organization grow
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Easy Payment Plan

We are confident in our ability to help our clients with successful grant proposals. We also make it easy to use our services with three (3) easy payments.

1. First payment is one third to get us started.

We can start your grant today with only one third (1/3) down payment, when you select any of our grant packages. We guarantee our research to be the best match, plus we will update your grant with any information required by the foundation. Additionally, we also provide tools to help you build a relationship with foundations to help you differentiate from the competition and improve your chances of getting the grant. We also help our clients with simple, fundraising initiatives that can help deliver startup funding revenue to launch or grow your organization.

2. Second payment is one third when the final draft is approved.

3. Third Payment is due when the work is complete and ready for mailout..

Because of our experience and success, we are confident in our ability to deliver results. With only one third to start, this makes our service affordable and easy to start today!

Fundraising Resources

Need funds to start or grow your charity organization? We may have the solution for you! Our fundraising solutions begin with simple but easy to implement fund raising events. After you have completed a few charity events and developed the fundraising team, you can move on to bigger fundraising ideas which produce $5,000-$15,000 per event.

Our goal is to help you quickly raise funds to invest in key services that will help you build credibility and awareness of your organization. This will help you with key steps to grow your nonprofit and significantly increase the success of future fundraising events.

Our company specializes in helping nonprofits with key services to help you establish and set a strong foundation for future growth.

Fundraising will ensure your non profit's growth

Unfortunately, many startup nonprofits do not have the funds or expertise to obtain the necessary business fundamentals such as; 501c3 IRS tax exemption, state exemption, writing a strategic plan, grant writing & foundation research, marketing, donor management and more. With our help and creative fundraising ideas, we can help you find the funds to invest in these essential business fundamentals.

Our fundraising "event menu" can help you start with simple charity events that require little or no investment. These fund raising ideas can be executed quickly and provide you the funding to launch bigger and more complex fundraising events. The average revenue major fundraising events produce is between $10,000 - 200,000 or more per event.

Benefits Include:

 » Reduce/ No Upfront Pay Solutions   » Start Small With No Capital
 » Dozens of Simple & Major Events  » Plan your Calendar in Advance
 » Event Ideas, Tools & Resources  » Free Fundraising Product
 » Free Consultation & Support  » Local Fundraiser Network

Register to access to these event ideas and planning tools to launch your event or you may consider our phone support option.

Expedited Process

In a hurry? Grant deadline coming up? We can help!

We have a complete staff of certified grant writers who can help with expedited grant writing services.

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Follow-up Resources

There are three key parts to successful grant funding:

1) Professionally written grant proposal.

2) Indepth Grant Research.

3) Relationship building with foundations.

Exclusively for our clients we have developed a variety of tips, sample letters and other resources that will help you communicate and build a relationship with the foundations that we submitted these grants. These steps & tools will help you "stay in contact", and increase your funding chances, and not let your proposal get lost within the hundreds of other applications.

Grant Research

There is more to successful grant writing than a good proposal, knowing where to send it is even more important. Below is the four (4) step process we follow to ensure we select only foundations that are seeking foundation that meet their funding priorities. This will ensure you have the best possibility of funding.

  • Our research starts by matching foundations or sponsors who provide funding to organizations who provide similar services than your organization
  • We also ensure the foundation provides funding for your specific geographic location.
  • Additionally we research the requirements and qualifications of the foundation to ensure you meet these, such as time in business, success stories, 990 etc.
  • We also research the proposal format desired by the foundation and will customize the grant proposal to meet this requirement.

Research can significantly raise your chances of successfully funding your proposal.