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Grant WritingGrant Writing Service

Next Level can develop the HIGHEST QUALITY GRANTS at the lowest possible cost.

Welcome to our grant writing section! We have invested in tools, training and an experienced grant writing team to develop the highest quality grants at the lowest possible cost. Not only can we write and publish a full grant package for you, but we can also research and identify funding opportunities, locally and nationally, for your organization.

We currently have access to over 20,000 foundations whose only purpose it is to provide funding through grants. Over $50 billion in grants is given away each year to charities, churches, and schools nationwide. Through our dedication to our past clients, we have been a part of this number, and we are ready to help you receive a piece of this funding. Our data includes key contact personnel, grant application format, foundation requirements, and specific giving priorities. No matter what your program does, we can find grant funding for it, be it a government grant, federal grant, research grant, Christian grants, grants for church building, faith based grants, outreach grant, community development grants, education grants, after school grants, grants for youth programs, grants for kids, yes we do them all!

Our most popular grant writing package includes two comprehensive grant proposals to be used for local and national foundations or sponsors. Once we find the applicable foundations that suit your program, we will customize each grant proposal for said foundation, taking the weight and confusion of it all off of your shoulders. Once we have put these grant proposals in a presentation folder, we will we will mail them to you for signature and forwarding to the selected grant providing foundations. All the grant proposals will be transferred to a cd so you make multiple copies and continue to seek funding from other foundations, which will continue your funding opportunities from new foundations.

We offer the lowest grant writing prices in the industry simply because we want to make these services affordable to help more charities. Our grant proposals help to create awareness of the non profit’s services and needs and give donors a chance to grant seed money to fund new startup companies with fresh ideas. 

Below is an outline of the key pages within our grant writing proposals: 

 » Introduction Letter   » Needs Assessment   » Narrative of Programs 
 » Executive Summary  » Attachments 

Additional Grant Writing Services include: 
Proofreading and Editing 
Program Development