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501c3 IRS Tax Exempt

The recognition of your organization as a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers numerous advantages and is necessary to help your organization grow.

The primary benefits of tax exempt status include:

  • Donors can make charitable contributions and receive a tax deduction. Most often donors will refuse to offer funding if they will not receive a tax deduction.
  • The organization will be qualified to receive private and public grant money.
  • As an tax exempt organization you can save money on lower postage rates on corporate mailings.

If you are looking to form a nonprofit, you will need to go through nonprofit registration and nonprofit filing. Here at Next Level, we can not only guide you through the process, we can aid you in completing all necessary forms to quickly get the tax exempt status so you can begin to receive donations.

Applying for the nonprofit status can be both tedious and complex. If an inexperienced individual attempts to complete the IRS application, and does it incorrectly, it can add months of delays to your approval from the IRS. Most of our clients who chose to take advantage of our 501c3 services, through our educated and experienced staff, benefited with a faster approval by completing the IRS application quickly and correct the first time.

Why Us?

It's simple: lowest prices in the industry. We began our company on the foundation that helping others is the superior objective. We understand that organizations seeking tax exempt status have limited funding to pay for these costly services, and we recognize the need you have to find the highest quality of work within your current budget. Just like all of our other services, our 501c3 service is economical however, you will also experience professionalism and a dedication to customer service from a company that wants to earn your trust and continue to work with you after the tax exempt status is received. Let us help you with this process and experience why we are the best choice to help you.

Need More Information?

Read our testimonials regarding our services. We also offer a money back guarantee if we are not successful in getting your nonprofit tax exempt.

On a tight budget?

We can help you start your organization and get the certification with only a down payment. We also help our clients with fundraising initiatives that can help them start and grow their organization.

Discounted Fundraising Plan - To Start Or Grow Your NonProfit

Service includes application preparation of Form 1023 (Application For Recognition of Exemption), plus review of your organizing documents and IRS follow-up. You can count on our support until you get your IRS Certification letter, (3-6 months or more). We can also help with drafting of your bylaws, financials and/or articles for an small additional fee.

This service is ideal for new organizations or those that lack the time to develop the required documentation.

This process will save you between 4-6 hours or more of drafting and writing your business narratives and other documents.

Our experienced staff will provide additional support to help you develop bylaws, financials, or wordsmith other documents essential to the application process.

Save time and money with our professional editing services, additional fees apply, see store page for details.